How to Fix Slow Printing Problem and Speed Issues in Printer

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January 9, 2019

How to Fix Slow Printing Problem and Speed Issues in Printer

Slow printing problem

Slow printing issue in network printers and Print Server Overload. Terminal Servers you can also use these tips for working around And troubleshooting printer problems. Adjust Configurations in the Print Server. Use a Dedicated Disk Drive for Spooling. Increase the Hard Disk Space of the Print Server. Use Devoted Print Servers. Close Open Connections.

There can be several reasons causing slow printing By printer. Selecting a particular paper can also cause slow printing, so it is better to use plain paper for printing. They are well-known for delivering higher performance at lower cost. Sometimes it is possible that you may receive lesser output due to the slow speed of the printer. Speed issues can arise over time from any printer or because of some technical complications. Such issues can’t be avoided as they can cause a huge loss of time and efforts in printing.

If you are also facing speed related issues with the printer, then get to the following troubleshooting tips to remove the issues.

Reset the Printer: You should try resetting your printer as follows:

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Remove the USB cable if you have connected your printer using a USB cable.
  • Now connect this cable directly to your PC to the USB port.
  • Now, switch on the printer.

If the printer is directly connected to the PC with a USB cable, then follow these steps:

  • Switch off the printer.
  • Remove the USB cable from the back side of both the printer and the PC.
  • After some time reconnect the cable between the printer and the PC.
  • Switch on the printer now.
  • Check how much free space is available on your hard drive as it will affect the printing speed as well. You can check this from ‘My Computer’ and then ‘properties’.
  • To improve the speed of printing, if possible print in normal or draft mode.
  • Close down all the applications which are not in use currently.
  • Make sure when you are printing using the black ink, there are no photo cartridges installed as it can also slow down the printing speed.

Slow Printing Issue in Network Printers

When it comes to network printer troubleshooting in an organization, people often think the solutions lie along the lines of tweaking hardware and changing software configurations. However, a lot of the times, issues such as slow printing do not have to do with either of these things. Slow printing issue in network printers, in fact, is s result of printers having been networked the wrong way. This often leads to difficulties in finding the cause of the problem and remedying it. Three reasons for slow printing are given below.

Print Server Overload

Print servers are the most common way to network printers. These servers function as a single point for processing all the print jobs. This can sometimes result in slow printing issue in network printers, in cases where the print server becomes inefficient. To solve this problem, you can either modify the way in which printer networking is laid out or find a way to somehow boost the print server’s efficiency.

Remote Offices and Increased Network Traffic

Many organizations have more than one office to do their business form, and sometimes, the most sensible way to set up printers is with a central print server. All the offices are networked to this print server, but the problem with this is that every time someone makes a print, the print file will need to be sent to the server and back, over WAN.

This problem has different solutions, based on the way the printers are installed on the terminal server. Commonly though, it is enough to render the print jobs on the client side, or even compress the files to be printed. Another solution is to bring up the network capacity in some way.



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